Dean's Message

It is an auspicious occasion to present inaugural foreword for Government medical college Ratlam. Ratlam, a well deserved place to have a medical college since long is ultimately getting it. Ratlam is located in our state but geographically it is in vicinity of Rajasthan and Gujarat and thus has a diverse cultural mix. This new Government medical college is expected to cater a wide demographic base all along these three important states of MP, Gujarat Rajasthan.

Bringing in existence of a new medical college is a multi-spectral task and unlike starting any other college, starting a medical college has been never an easy job. It is not merely construction of a building and recruitment of staff that is needed to start a medical college. Starting a medical college encompasses comprehensively extended efforts to fulfil the qualitative and quantitative norms to match the recognition. It is no less than a marathon mission and our government has creditably succeeded in it.

Lot has been done but still much more is undone and awaited. Institution of a medical college is a welcoming step, but these unparallel efforts would prove meaningful only when this college runs with qualitative efficiency. Sprouts have germinated out of seeds of concept but now these tender sprouts require thorough efforts to transform it into a strong, potent and stabilized tree.

There is a gap between general population and number of qualified doctors in our state. This step would successfully fulfil this gap to significant extent. With this step most of the Madhya Pradesh state privileged with assess of tertiary level medical care.

Let us all apply our sincere, dedicated and collective efforts to uplift this new step to reach it at glorious new heights.

Dr. (Prof.) Jitendra Gupta
Dean & CEO, Medical College, Ratlam